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February 20, 2001

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Goofy AOL Research
In what might be a revealing microcosm of AOL's dominance around the country, GoofyHoofy conducts a neighborhood survey of email domains with some surprising results.

Cisco, the Fool, and the Future
One Fool's perspective on the current economy, Internet ad revenues, and the sudden skid in Cisco's growth leads to some ideas about where we go from here.

AMD Hammer Aimed at Intel's Kneecaps
"With AMD staying lockstep with Intel and the prospect of the Hammer series coming out to compete against the Itanium, Intel is headed for serious trouble."

Wintel Without the "Tel"?
Rumor has it that Microsoft will support new processors from both Intel and AMD, not least because the Intel Itanium will require software to be rewritten for it.

Genome Seminar Report: Part One
Fool GidgetCat attended the Genome 2001 Seminar in San Francisco and gives the Celera board a full report of the first day's events and Celera's presentation.

Genome Seminar Report: Part Two
GidgetCat's report continues with details of the final day at Genome 2001, with a synopsis of the closing lecture by Celera chief, Dr. Craig Venter, "the man who sequenced the human genome."

Responding to Rambus Allegations
A recent EBN article contends that Rambus appropriated memory design ideas in a "secret scheme to take over the global DRAM intellectual property business." Is Rambus a rule breaker of a different kind? "Not so," says one Fool.

"Disney Should Reorganize"
The board debates a Fool's suggestion that Disney form a new holding company with a name that would shield its amusement parks from controversies created by its other businesses.

Ballard and the Need for Power
"There have been a number of posts debating how our future energy supply would be influenced by politics, big-company greed, conservationism, environmental regulations, etc. In the long term, however, the final arbiter has usually been physical necessity."

Intel: Dead Money?
"I think Intel is a great company and I would like to own the stock. But what has concerned me is that given the sheer size of Intel, it will have great difficulty growing rapidly enough to justify a higher stock price."