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February 21, 2001

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Measuring Berkshire's Earnings Retention
When Warren Buffett owns a stock, he wants each dollar the company earns to be reflected in the share price. But what exactly does that mean?

Trouble at Schering-Plough
Schering-Plough shares are down sharply, but maybe there are good reasons for the decline. One Fool looks for the reasons behind the malaise.

Hot Topic, Inc. Is a Hot Topic
Hey! We thought of Hot Topics before these guys did! Honest! Is there an interesting investment prospect here, in spite of the fact that they stole our name?

JDS Uniphase: "Where's the Cash?"
One Fool finds it troubling that JDS Uniphase has so far been unable to generate any significant cash flow. Is this a red flag for investors?

Nokia Review and Outlook
leilei looks at the years passed, and the year ahead, for Nokia. What's in store for the wireless giant? And what's your opinion of this critique?

Sun's Intrinsic Value
Discounted cash flow analysis is one tool investors use to determine a company's value. alwaxman takes a stab at running the numbers for Sun Microsystems.

The Joys of Living Debt-Free
"I've been living a debt-free life for a little while now and I have enjoyed being able to invest a good percentage of my salary each month. It's amazing to me to hear the financial cries from my working peers while I am able to continue to save and invest...."

The Magical Advancing Happy Dance
The Fool's Tradition is to do a "happy dance" whenever a credit card balance is paid off for good. Your happy dance day may be coming sooner than you think!

The Tax Man Is Coming!
April 16 is getting closer and closer, and there's no point in putting off the inevitable. Get your answers to your vexing tax questions here.