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February 22, 2001

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Harry Potter and Coca-Cola
Coke will shell out $150 million to promote the new Harry Potter movie. Is it worth it?

Is eBay a Rule Maker?
Take a look at GrandpaRalph's analysis and decide for yourself.

Things That Go "POOF!" in the Night
When a stock plummets, where does the money go?

Is @Home Hopeless?
These are dark days for the once-high-flying company. What will it take to turn things around?

PEG-ing High, and PEG-ing Low
The PEG can be a useful tool, but sometimes it's hard to apply properly to Gorilla companies.

Palm, Nokia, and the Future
A Fool sees the future clearly... in the Palm of his hand.

Intel's Fall: Will AMD Escape?
Intel is slashing costs during the PC slowdown. What is AMD's outlook?

A Pyramid Scene
An intriguing look at Maslow's Hierarchy of human needs and how it relates to early retirement.

I'm in a Credit Bind!
Got any advice for this Fool in need?