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February 26, 2001

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Berkshire's Sweetest Investment
Fools look at See's Candies, Hershey, and Tootsie Roll on the Berkshire Hathaway board. What's the tastiest investment?

Apple Fools Go to the Core of Pricing
These Fools try to figure out what Apple is trying to do with its pricing. Peel it back, and it doesn't make much sense.

A New Processor From Intel?
"Intel's keeping the PIII due to chipset issues with the P4? Are we to believe they would prefer to produce half as many P4's as PIII's given the choice? Right, and AMD instantly jumps from 20% market share to 33%."

Nortel Fools Can Do Without the "Help"
It seems every time a stock goes down in price, a shareholder suit is initiated. Nortel Fools feel the only one to gain in their case is the law firm.They'd rather not have the assistance and let Nortel management concentrate on business.

Cisco Fools Discuss the Options
Do stock options for employees hurt stock prices? Cisco Fools go over the pros and cons.

Intel and Network Appliance Deal
"Intel and Network Appliance have reached a seven-year pact valued at $1 billion. CNBC is 'suggesting' that this may be bullish news for Intel."

Crawl Space Openings
"My home is built on a crawl space rather than a full basement. The furnace is located in the crawl space. I have received conflicting advice on the vents around the perimeter. When should they be open or closed?"

Starting a Co-op
Fools on the Buying a Home board discuss the best way to share ownership of property among people that occupy it.

The Death of Long-Term Buy and Hold?
Fools on the Eyes on the Wise board debate yet another article that insists long-term buy and hold is a formula for losing money.