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February 27, 2001

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A Bid for eBay
eBay's new "Buy It Now" feature has changed the dynamics of the Internet's #1 auction site. At least one investor sees it as a big positive for eBay's future. A Fading Beauty? reminds one investor of an aging beauty queen -- she might have looked great some years ago, but today she's not quite as stunning.

Lowered Estimates for Cree?
No doubt about it -- there's a slowdown in the semiconductor industry. Is that reason enough, wonders TMF Orangeblood, to wonder if trouble is ahead for Cree?

Berkshire Hathaway: Goin' to Kansas City
Berkshire Hathaway's Nebraska Furniture Mart is opening a huge store in Kanas City. Is this a harbinger of even more expansion?

Lessons From EMC's Decline
If you can't make a dollar from the stocks you own, perhaps you can measure your profit by the insights you gain.

Qualcomm: Tracking the Analysts
Wall Street analysts are always upgrading and downgrading stocks. Is it time for investors to start holding them accountable for their predictions?

A Bear's View of Nokia
The bullish point of view dominates the Fool's Nokia discussion board. So how about looking at the company from a pessimistic point of view?

A Half-Century at General Electric
Suppose you bought one share of General Electric in 1950. What would it be worth today?

Emergency Funds vs. Paying Down Your Debt
Most financial planners say that you should set up an emergency fund -- but should you still be setting money aside when you have pressing bills to pay?

Economic Theory From Dad
Living Below Your Means is about respecting the value of your own efforts. One Fool's father knew how to explain it in a way that still makes sense today.