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February 28, 2001

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BEA Systems: Gorilla in the Mist?
Fool paulphilp has an epiphany about BEA Systems and backs up his assertion that this emerging gorilla will one day dominate its market.

Dear Dr. Haseltine
As The Motley Fool prepares to interview the CEO of Humane Genome Sciences Inc., the HGSI board prepares its own list of questions for Dr. Haseltine. Among them: Will the company have to merge to survive?

Why Can't P&G Talk Turkey?
"Why does a country [Turkey] that represents 1% of Procter & Gamble's business affect the EPS so much?" Is P&G giving the straight story?

Qualcomm as a Rule Maker
Follow the continuing series of analysis to help convince the Fool that this company deserves Rule Maker status.

Genomics and the Future of Drug Costs
The Celera board takes a contrary position to a recent Forbes article about how advances in genomics won't necessarily produce affordable drugs for the end user.

What Color Is Your Apple?
Love 'em or hate 'em, the new iMac colors "have initiated a buzz about Apple, and that will increase brand awareness," says OxFool.

It Takes Guts to Own JDSU
What happens when the market turns its back on a company that's in a dominant position in an exploding industry? Using some historical perspective, Newsman compares JDS Uniphase to AOL circa 1997.

Is Buy and Hold Dead?
"Depends on how you define it," says BruceBrown. "Holding long-term shouldn't be confused with holding forever." In the current environment, perhaps investors should consolidate and focus in on "the real deals" that have staying power.

The Happy Dance Card Is Full!
When emtwo discovered the Fool in 1998, he was a renter with $28,000 in debt. Now he has zero debt, three months' living expenses in the bank, and a mortgage approval for the dream house he and his family will move into today. How did he do it?

Tax Time Blues?
Check out the Fool's Tax Strategies board for answers to all those taxing questions.