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March 1, 2001

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Judge for Microsoft Case Drawing Criticism
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's critical comments about Microsoft are drawing criticism from appellate judges.

The More Things Change...
A Fool looks at some early posts from the Intel and AMD boards. Could it be that not much has changed in four years?

A Self-Fulfilling Bankruptcy?
JimiH3ndrix ponders the possibility that a vicious cycle may be harming

Fed Up
Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan's testimony spooked the markets yesterday. Fools on the Cisco board discuss the implications.

Cree's PEG
As the stock slides lower, so does the PEG. Is Cree nearing "fair value"?

Bringing Projections Into Focus
Fools on the Avanex board analyze an analyst's projections, and find reasons to dispute them.

The Future of Internet Advertising
Can Web advertising bust out of its current banner paradigm, or is it doomed to mediocrity?

The Earthquake and Berkshire
Fools discuss the earthquake in the Pacific Northwest and possible implications for Berkshire Hathaway.

Is Agilent a Rule Maker?
Probably not, but andrewo runs the company through the paces and draws some interesting comments.

Underwear in the Freezer?
An extremely lighthearted look at new ideas for Living Below Your Means.