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March 6, 2001

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Yahoo! for eBay?
Fools on the eBay board have been discussing the merits of a hypothetical merger between Yahoo! and eBay. Does the idea make sense, or is it a losing bid?

A Wet Blanket for Celera
"I hate to be a wet blanket, but you should keep an eye out for things that could have negative consequences for Celera...."

Hope for Apple?
A new investor asks if there's a future for Apple Computer. Where will the company be five years from now?

Rampant Pessimism and QQQ
QQQ shares -- a proxy for owning the Nasdaq 100 -- have suffered a beating over the last year. Is this the moment that contrarian investors hope for?

BEA Systems
Like many Web stocks, shares of BEA Systems have nose-dived in recent months. How low do they have to go before it makes sense to buy?

Siebel's Slow Tailwind
Does a slow economy give Siebel Systems an advantage? Or is it a bad idea to be too optimistic about current market conditions?

Of Markets and Multiples
How do you value an emerging company, especially in as volatile a market as this one? Are P/E ratios a useful measurement for high-growth tech stocks?

Men, Women, and Money
Do men and women approach investing differently? Fools on the Women & Investing board consider whether financial information should be tailored for the interests and needs of each gender.

The Fine Art of Haggling
Just because there's a price tag on the product doesn't mean you can't talk the price down. Living Below Your Means Fools explain the whys and hows of haggling.

The Taxman Cometh
April 16 is sooner than you think! Find the answers to those sticky tax questions here.