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March 8, 2001

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Yahoo! Warns and Koogle Steps Down
None of which came as a big surprise, so what's Nasdaq's excuse for halting a whole day of trading? Fools share details of the anticlimactic Yahoo! conference call.

Ripping Apple's New Ad
It's hip. It's cool. It has Barry White! But will it help sell Macs? Fools disagree on Apple's advertising strategy.

JDSU: Making Sense of Averaging Down
"I've been hearing a lot about averaging down share costs now that JDSU is riding low. This strikes me as an odd way of thinking. Is a new 'average' price supposed to mitigate the bath you took on the $100 shares?"

Microsoft: The Xbox X-Factor
Analyst Henry Blodget's Xbox report "doesn't add up," according to one Fool who digs through the projections.

WorldCom's Neglected Stepchild
"The problem is that WorldCom is a 39% owner in Metricom. But unfortunately they are an 'absentee landlord.' They've allowed a valuable property to shrivel on the vine."

Juniper: Are Core Routers Necessary?
"I'm not playing games with names. A core ethernet switch like the Cisco 6000 or Foundry has much better price per port than a core router like [Juniper's] GSR or M160."

Things That Delay Early Retirement
Fools are making a list and checking it twice, to identify common choices that keep us from reaching our financial goals. Time for a "toy junk" inventory, perhaps?

Umbrella Ethics
It's a rainy day in the city. You find an abandoned umbrella on the subway so you take it. If later you leave it in another public place, is there anything wrong with this?

Schedule D Woes?
Whatever's got you stumped, you're sure to find answers, as well as sympathy, on the Tax Strategies board.