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March 9, 2001

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Is Guilty of Fraud?
Legal minds in Fooldom give their take.

Bad News From Intel
Lowered earnings guidance from the company makes for a sad day.

John Dvorak on AMD vs. Intel
AMD Fools go over John Dvorak's comments in the latest PC Magazine.

Yahoo!: It's All Flawed
"The business model for banner ads doesn't work, and it is all catching up with the dot-com world with a vengeance."

Wired's Take on Apple's OSX
Apple Fools go over Wired's article about the computer maker's newest operating system.

Implications of Cree's Earnings Warnings
Fools go over how they see this bit of bad news.

Is AOL the Only REAL Internet Business?
From way back to the days of busy signals to the more-recent free ISPs, the reports of this company's death have been greatly exaggerated. Fools go over why this bunny keeps on going.

Water Bill Roller Coaster?
Why the wild fluctuations in use from month to month on a water bill? Building and Maintaining a Home Fools try to crack the code.

What Do Condo Fees Cover?
Fools in the Buying a Home Board go over what you can expect to get for those fees every year.

Negotiating a Better Raise
The boss calls you in and gives you a much lower raise than you feel you deserve. Is there any way to get more? Fools on the Ask the Headhunter board discuss how.