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March 14, 2001

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Why Did GE Drop?
"Having worked for General Electric in a management position, I'm not in the camp that believes GE has been fooling with the numbers to make its EPS targets during 2000."

Sticking to My Guns
As the bear market continues, xerohype sticks to his LTBH (long-term buy-and-hold) guns. "As I've always said, I'm still learning, but in times like these, I have to go to the core of my being, my master plan."

A Lifetime Online
A fascinating view of the dynamics of online relationships. "Ultimately, act online like you do in real life."

Help Wanted From UPS Investors
A Rule Maker seminar student needs help: "What make UPS different, special, better than the competition?"

Gorillas and Price-to-Sales
Fools debate the value of using the price-to-sales ratio for Gorilla companies.

Ericsson's Effect on Nokia
"I know Nokia is a competitor of Ericsson's and that I root for their demise as it will be good for Nokia, but I am sad [to see] how poorly that company is being run."

Cree's Customers
As investors look for the reasons behind the earnings warning, one of Cree's biggest customers issues its own warning.

How Can They Tax Me for This?
A Fool on the AMD board is surprised to find that his tax owed on the sale of a stock is higher than the profit he made.

Strange Cats
Got a cat (or dog/ferret/parrot, etc.) story that we just won't believe? Share it on our Pet Lovers board!