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March 16, 2001

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Intel Fools Go Over the Rules
These Fools go over the Rule Maker Portfolio's take on Intel.

A Few Positives on Microsoft
There's been a lot of bad news about nearly everything lately, but Microsoft Fools have a lot to be upbeat about.

The Most Important Thing for AMD Is�
Very short and sweet, but may mean a lot.

Could Napster Save Apple?
Apple Fools go over developments of the Internet, Windows, pirated stuff, and how it all works in Apple's favor.

Double Density CD-RW and Iomega
How will the introduction of this product affect Iomega?

There's Good News, Bad News, and Nokia
Fools go over it all.

A Detailed Analysis of AOL Time Warner
A Fool presents a detailed analysis of this company for your consideration and comments.

There Was This Guy�
That's the way most Urban Legends seem to start. Discuss them on this funny board, along with various bits of humor.

Beware of the Ides of April!
Caesar may have bought it in March, but hopefully you'll be around for the only other inevitable thing. You can ease the pain with help from the Tax Strategies board.

Do You Need to List EVERY Job?
What about the job you held for three months and walked out on one day? Fools in the Ask the Headhunter board go over just what needs to be on the resume.