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March 20, 2001

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Peter Lynch vs. Warren Buffett
Who's the greatest investor of all time? Fools on the Berkshire Hathaway board compare the performance of two of the best.

Amazon and Downloads
Will downloads mean the death of Amazon? Or will the company still be relevant in an age where digits count more than atoms?

Levi's and Cisco
An analogy comparing Cisco Systems to Levi Strauss' success in selling jeans to California gold prospectors in the 19th century leads to a discussion of growth, P/E ratios, and proper valuation.

EBay: Are We Trendy Yet?
How does eBay fit in with current tech trends? Watch Fools dissect a Fortune magazine article.

TiVo on TV
It's the latest in television technology, and it just might change the way you watch TV. So what's a Fool's take on Mike Wallace's 60 Minutes report?

Fifty-four Homes Visited and Counting
Living Below Your Means when shopping for a house means you've got to look at a lot of real estate. Hang in there, Fools.

Women & Financial Advisers
Do women need to ask different questions when selecting a financial planner? What role does gender play in managing money?

Plot Your Tax Strategy!
April 16 is coming fast, Fool. Plan ahead with a visit to the Tax Strategies board.