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March 21, 2001

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Will Bluetooth Save Intel?
"Intel is working to take technology to the next level through the use of resources that many other companies can only wish they had," says thrognsk about the coming wireless standard.

Doing Due Diligence on Rambus
Fool MochaLatte has completed an updated valuation analysis of Rambus using a program he wrote called the Due Diligence Finalizer (DDF), and graphically shares the results.

ICG and the Sum of its Parts
When examining the assets and book value of Internet Capital Group, a Fool questions his conclusion that the company might be a too-good-to-be-true asset play.

Does P/E Really Matter for Biotechs?
"Yes," says a disappointed shareholder who believes Amgen's high valuation is the cause of its poor performance over the past year.

Berkshire: A Case Against Indexing
The Berkshire Hathaway board discusses index investing during times when the index is severely overvalued. Can better returns be expected of a more reasonably valued fund?

Voting Your Apple Proxy Ballot
"Few shareholders actually read their proxies, and even fewer understand them, but we all should take time to think about how we want to run our company."

"The Wealth Effect in Reverse"
A poster on the Yahoo! board rejects the popular "lost wealth" notion, suggesting instead that the wealth has merely been transferred away from the average investor.

Does the Fed Really "Get It"?
While some lament an interest rate cut of "only" 50 basis points, Fool mishedlo suggests the Fed knows exactly what it's doing.

A Try-Before-You-Buy Retirement
An Australian worker can't decide whether to take a year's paid leave now or tough it out for another five years and retire permanently with better tax benefits. The Retire Early board offers some advice.

AMT, SEPs, and Roths, Oh My!
Those taxing questions and plenty of answers are heating up the Tax Strategies Board as April 16 approaches.