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March 22, 2001

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McDonald's: Your Kind of Place?
Fools on the Berkshire Hathaway board drill down in search for Mickey D's intrinsic value. Would you like fries with that?

GE and Jack's Money
"Jack (Welch) deserves LESS money and stock this year than he received last year... our company performed less well." Do you agree?

What Women Want
What do women want from a financial planner? Foolish women offer tips for advisers who want their business. Hint: "Don't give generalized answers to specific questions, and don't assume I'm a financial moron."

Starbucks Annual Meeting
Did you miss the meeting? Don't worry, just drop by for a hot cup and read about the highlights.

Yahoo!'s Brand
As the stock flounders, Fools discuss whether Yahoo! is properly leveraging its brand.

Dollar Cost Averaging
The debate continues over the merits of DCA. Is it for everyone?

Disney, Yahoo!, and the Muppets
Disney is reportedly on the acquisition trail. Whom might it be targeting?

Palm's Peers
Fools discuss the Palm's competition, and a company executive chimes in.

Celera and Its Customers
"The last three corporate subscribers to Celera have not all been very large companies in terms of financial breadth and depth."

Help Me Collect!
"Although I've had a few collections problems over the years, they've mainly involved opportunists taking advantage to dodge paying relatively small amounts." Any help for this self-employed Fool?