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March 23, 2001

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What Will We Do Without Buffett?
When Warren Buffett passes to the Market Above, who will "dismiss fallacies, disclose inappropriate policies or support principles that educate and rationalize the population through logic and compassion, rather than pander to greed"?

Is Apple Giving Us a Clue?
Some clues on the hard disk of the TiBook may indicate the future direction of this company, according to at least one Fool.

Jokes From the Crypt
As the Market drops daily, it helps to laugh a little bit. The Fools on Mechanical Investing board have a little lightheartedness.

AMD's Palomino Delay
"First off, we are seeing just how much confusion can be created when there are two, actually now THREE, products all called Palomino. There IS a Palomino shipping this month, in Q1: the Mobile Palomino."

Intel Fools Express Doubt About AMD's Marketing
Some questions are asked about benchmarks reported on AMD's website. Is the company skewing the facts?

Microsoft Warns of Hijacked Certificates
Hijacked authenticity certificates could lead computer users to inadvertently download viruses instead of safe software updates.

Iomega Meltdown?
Iomega is dropping even farther. Does this mean more bad news, or is it just behaving like all the other stocks?

AOL: About to Fall?
A look at P/E ratios shows AOL's stock price is still high relative to comparable stocks. Does it mean this company is due for a fall?

Find Out How You Score
Credit Card Fools go over how you can find out your credit score. You may find some surprises in your credit report.

Fixed vs. ARM Mortgages
If you don't expect to be in a house a long time, might an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) be a better deal? Fools debate on the Buying a Home board.