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March 26, 2001

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An Apple User's Encounter With a Microserf
An Apple user sits next to a Microsoft employee on a plane...

Putting Harley-Davidson to the Fisher Test
One Fool puts Harley-Davidson to the 15-point Fisher test, and reaches some interesting conclusions.

AOL's Turn to Fall?
Fools are discussing AOL's price, and whether it may signify a return to value investing.

Will Nokia Users Switch to Throwaways?
You make a call, hang up, and toss the phone in the trash. Will disposable phones cause hang-ups for Nokia?

Will McCafes Perk Up Competition for Starbucks?
Imagine following up that Happy Meal with a McMocha Latte. How troublesome will Mickey D's new concept be for Starbucks?

Asset Allocation: A Contrary Opinion
There are differences of opinion about how your assets should be allocated for retirement. Fools debate the various approaches.

Today's Price Doesn't Matter
Not when you've got many years of investing ahead of you. One Fool gets some calming words when panic strikes after looking at her IRA.

Help With This Stupid Computer!
Does your PC need a doctor? Confused about upgrades? This is the board with the answers to make your computer run like buttah!

Help With Those Taxing Questions
Fools are filing their returns, and TMFTaxes is hard at work providing the answers to all their tax questions. Stop by the Tax Strategies board to pick up some tax tips of your own.