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March 28, 2001

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Cisco's Troubles
"It's more than the economy, stupid!" says etherdude, who suggests that tax and interest rate cuts aren't enough to fix the problems of too much capacity and too little broadband.

A LUV Match for Berkshire?
A few Fools think that Southwest Airlines comes close to fitting Buffett's criteria of "companies that get extraordinary results from doing ordinary things, and doing them exceptionally well."

Apple the Contender
A Fool who never thought of Apple as a good investment before has a change of heart after researching the Mac OS X. "Apple's market now includes the business world."

Qualcomm's Rapid Rollout
For those questioning Qualcomm's motive for bidding in Australia, one Fool sees a pattern in the company's strategy to accelerate the pace of 3G rollout.

A Closer Look at AMD's Chips
"Now that we have some preliminary information about precisely how PowerNow systems will work, we can now make some estimates of how Palomino will benefit."

Evaluating Philip Morris
Fools are crunching some numbers, and finding interesting results when they separate the tobacco from the food divisions.

How to Cut Your Spending
For those wanting to modify their spending habits, a Living Below Your Means Fool draws up a list to live by. For example, use a humidifier in winter to feel warmer, and avoid catalog shopping.

Relationship Between Growth and Value
When Warren Buffett writes "growth is simply a component in the value equation," is he borrowing from some of Ben Graham's methodology? ZenvestorB makes the connection.

Hey Fool, Do Your Taxes!
April 16 is quickly approaching. Maximize your tax savings with a visit to the Tax Strategies discussion board.