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March 30, 2001

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Calling Up Lucent's Debt
No matter what innovations Lucent comes forward with, this company will continue to have trouble until it gets the debt down.

Is IBM Looking Good at Retirees' Expense?
Is IBM increasing its bottom line by backing out of promises to retirees?

Microsoft Joins With IBM and Pfizer
This partnership will help doctors manage their practices and medical information. Is this a prescription for more profits?

Is Intel in a Notebook CPU Price War?
At least one Fool thinks so -- do you?

Will Sun Shine Again?
With "dot-coms" going down every day, and established companies meeting their needs from surplus hardware, is there any growth potential for Sun Microsystems?

Does Nortel Lack Accountability?
Or is this thread a contrarian indicator of a market bottom? You decide!

Fools Discuss AMD's Debt
Fools are analyzing AMD's annual report. Are the numbers improving?

Groundhog Day?
It isn't in February when one of these critters takes up residence in your lawn. Fools in the Building and Maintaining a Home board discuss how to get these little creatures to go someplace else.

Appraising Your House
What exactly does an appraiser look at when determining the value of your house? Is there any way to make sure you get the highest value? Fools in the Buying a Home board discuss the tricks of the trade.

Staying Past 20 Years in the Military
Military Fools discuss why they will or will not retire after 20 years of service. It's not just the money.