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April 4, 2001

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Who Needs Broadband?
TMF Jeff suggests that "most people don't feel a need for broadband Internet access." Find out what the Rule Breaker Strategies board thinks about that.

Home Depot Employee Tales
"Is it a career, or just a job?" Many Home Depot employees are growing pessimistic over the company's new cost-saving measures.

Vendors, Balance Sheets, and Nokia
Are there valid reasons to be disturbed over the increasing number of Nokia's network deals that involve vendor financing?

AMD's Letter to Shareholders
The company's 2000 annual report is out, and everyone's talking about the gorilla on the cover.

Intel Doesn't Get It
"Five or 10 years from now, business schools are going to be looking at what AMD is doing right, and what Intel is doing wrong."

Cisco's Malaise
Why does Cisco continue to get whacked every time another tech company stumbles? Fools explain the connection between crime and punishment.

Network Appliance: Hit by a Truck
Stunned shareholders of Network Appliance are trying to figure out what happened, and look to management for some guidance.

Thirty Minutes With Titan's 10-K
Fools pore over Titan Corp.'s quarterly report and conclude that the information gleaned from this difficult-to-read document has left them apathetic.

Why Does Berkshire Own Wells Fargo?
"I have looked into Wells Fargo a couple of times, piqued by Berkshire Hathaway's investment in it. But I have not been able to see anything that makes it stand out among its peers."

"I Won the eBay Sweepstakes!"
One happy Fool lists an auction at exactly the right moment and will share a $50,000 prize from eBay's Race to the Half-Billionth Listing Sweepstakes.