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April 5, 2001

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Still Cooking With Cisco
"Have you learned anything from this nightmare?" Fools wrangle over Cisco's valuation.

Cash Flowing at eBay
TMF Orangeblood looks at eBay's latest 10-K and sees more free cash flowing.

Valuation Concepts
"For whatever reason, and (it seems) at least once every generation, we are witness to some grand misvaluation of some commodity or investment vehicle or another."

Platform Wars: The Next Generation
"The IT vendor ecosystem is being rocked by a disruptive technology that will force incumbents to dramatically alter their business strategy or risk losing their market positions to smaller more nimble competitors."

Broadband Wars II
Fools continue the debate with TMF Jeff over "Who needs broadband anyway?"

A Career or Just a Job?
Disgruntled Home Depot employees lay out their concerns with a tape measure.

Starbucks in Italy
Coffee drinkers disagree over Starbucks' potential impact in Italia.

Handspring's Prism
Thinking of a PDA purchase? Palm or Handspring? Get some good advice... right here!

A Quick Take on Apple's QuickTime
Is QuickTime moving up on the charts, or is that a bizarro world interpretation?

Buy the Books
"I'm looking for a good business book recommendation. I was wondering if you guys could help me out."