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April 6, 2001

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EMC Overvalued?
"My fear with EMC is that the derivative in growth rates for data file size diminishes (growth rate stagnates) while our capacity (as individuals) to store such data continues to compound. Obviously it's much cheaper for individuals and businesses to manage storage 'in-house,' and they will do so, effectively reducing EMC's market."

Disney and China
Disney made the decision to release a pro-Tibet movie Kundan in 1997, over China's objections. Would they do the same today?

Would Berkshire Be the Real Thing Without Coke?
Would Berkshire be a better holding without stocks like Coke? Is it a better investment for its insurance holdings?

A Lurker Says "Thanks" to Rambus Fools
Many of those on our boards "lurk" instead of posting. This one comes out of the shadows to talk about what he has learned from all the other Fools.

Buy It, Now at eBay
How can eBay's auction count increase without increasing? Through "Buy It Now," of course! Read up on some excellent research from our community.

Fools Shop for Information at Abercrombie and Fitch
Reports from the field on this retailer.

How Can Excite@Home Be Helped?
Will it take government intervention to help broadband roll out? Or will Excite@Home be able to make it on its own?

Is Penny Pinching Worth it?
"For example, is it really worth it to spend an extra 30 minutes at the grocery store, scrupulously comparing every alternative, just to save $1.15 on $25 of food purchases? Wouldn't you rather be home relaxing 30 minutes earlier?"

Getting Rid of PMI Payments
When you have less than 20% to put down on a home, you get hit with the dreaded private mortgage insurance (PMI) payments. How do you make them go away?

Single vs. Double Sink In The Kitchen?
"Why have one when you can have two? That's my philosophy. How else are you going to stick muddy boots in one sink and rinse cabbage in the other? Or wash knives in one sink and soak your head in another at the same time?"