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April 10, 2001

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Arguing With Bill Miller on
Legg Mason's Bill Miller has positive things to say about -- but investors on our discussion boards beg to differ.

Rethinking JDS Uniphase
"A few days ago TMFTribe posted his valuation analysis for JDS Uniphase. The sum of his analysis basically indicated that JDSU common stock was significantly undervalued. However, I believe that his analysis may be somewhat flawed."

AOL and the Value of Entertainment
How much do you pay for entertainment? And how well is AOL Time Warner positioned to profit from that spending?

Recession: An Opportunity for Harley?
Harley-Davidson did well in the last recession. If the economy slips, will history repeat itself?

Why a Lucent Buyout Won't Happen
Rumors have been swirling around Lucent, including suggestions that the company is ripe for a takeover. One Fool argues that it won't happen.

Disney and Spy Kids
The movie Spy Kids is at the top of the box office lists, and it got there without being branded as a Disney film. What does this tell us about how well the Disney name sells?

Dampening That Nokia Enthusiasm
From time to time it makes sense to look at the stocks you own from a bearish perspective. Come watch Nokia shareholders look for signs of trouble in their own company.

A Swiss Starbucks Tale
Long lines and learning about Coffee Culture marks the great Starbucks expansion in Europe. Read one Fool's report.

Shiny, Happy Macs
"Yesterday I dropped by CompUSA to buy a book and to see what was happening.... Believe me, over the years I have seen a huge difference in how Macs and accessories were presented and sold."

Giving Up the P/E Habit
Is the P/E ratio obsolete? The Gorilla Game board discusses the merits of measuring the value of companies by comparing multiples of earnings with share price.