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April 11, 2001

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Broadband Battle Continues
"What TMFJeff can't wrap his mind around is that there might be some reason why not everyone has broadband other than lack of demand."

Lucent's Long-Term Prospects
While most of the investment community is focused on the very short term, Jim393 takes a broader view of Lucent's future.

Will Cash Flow Hurt Palm's Grip?
Bogged down by inventory, Palm may be threatened by a significant cash burn this quarter. Should investors worry?

EMC Bids on Own Equipment
With failed dot-coms auctioning off millions of dollars worth of used storage systems, EMC tries to keep those bargains out of the hands of potential customers.

AMD, Intel, and Price Wars
Fools discuss which company is in better shape financially to weather the effects of a prolonged price war.

Rambus in Court
Fools pore over the docket item from the Rambus v. Infineon lawsuit and attempt to determine which arguments and evidence are the most credible and believable.

Celera's Genomic Access System
How big is the institutional market for Celera's expensive database, and is it worth significantly more than what's available for free?

How Do You Like Them Apples?
Should a laptop be judged strictly by a drop test? Fools debate the durability of Apple's new titanium powerbook.

Just Say No
How do you control your finances when a spendthrift sibling expects you to keep bailing her out? The Women & Investing board offers ways to say "no" without guilt.

Your Kids Really ARE Listening
A 13-year-old's frugality on a school field trip demonstrates that Mom's lessons in Living Below Your Means have been well absorbed.