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April 12, 2001

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Coke's New Ad Campaign
On April 22, Coke will unveil its new ad campaign. Will it help invigorate this old company?

The Chicken, the Egg, and Nortel
For Nortel to keep its edge, it needs to acquire or develop new technologies. Should the company do this first, or wait for the demand for the new technologies?

Revising JDSU's Valuation
Was TMF Tribe's valuation analysis of JDS Uniphase "somewhat flawed"? One Fool takes a closer look at the dilution rate and comes up with a different conclusion.

Excite@Home and the Importance of Broadband
"The problem with judging broadband demand from adoption rates is that is does not take into account the supply problems."

EMC's Shelf Life
If increasing hard-drive capacity eliminates the need for massive storage systems, is EMC's product line in jeopardy.

Peter Lynch's Two-Minute Drill
Legendary investor Peter Lynch says that you should be able to explain why you own a stock in two minutes or less. Fools on the Peter Lynch Investing board share their explanations.

Apple, Investing, the Tech Slump, and Everything
Sometimes, investing will put you in difficult circumstances -- deep bear markets, declining earnings, and portfolios that have been rocked and rolled. What must we do then?

The Tax Man Cometh
Are you ready? Get your 11th-hour questions answered here on the Tax Strategies board.