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April 16, 2001

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Record Earnings Light Up GE
GE achieved record earnings for the first quarter of 2001, posting a 16% increase in earnings. Is this a sign of better times ahead for the market?

AMD Fools Look at Intel's P4 Again
With a doubling of quarter-to-quarter sales, can this chip truly be called a failure? AMD Fools chip away with their thoughts.

Berkshire Fools Look at Tomatoes and Microsoft
It has to do with janitors, tomatoes, and millions of dollars. Drop in on the Berkshire Hathaway board and find out what they're talking about.

Another Microsoft Competitor Bites the Dust
A Linux game maker is going out of business. Do other Microsoft competitors stand a chance?

Ballard Power and Hydrogen Safety
Fools are discussing how Ballard Power can safely use this volatile gas to produce fuel.

Cree's Conference Call
Cree Fools are recapping and sharing their thoughts on the company's conference call as well as where the company is headed.

An Apple Fool Looks at Dell
If there will be consolidation in the PC industry, are Apple and Dell the most likely winners?

Helping Elderly Parents
When aging parents are un-Foolish with credit cards, it requires some role reversal to keep them from disaster.

The Tax Man Cometh
You've got until midnight tonight to file your taxes. Stop by the Tax Strategies board and get your answers to your last-minute questions.

The Real Enemy of Military Fools
It's the Wise that market substandard or downright bad "investments" to those that serve the country.