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April 17, 2001

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Persuade Me to Buy Starbucks
One investor looks at Starbucks' balance sheet and finds details that could scare away new investors. Can a convincing case be made in spite of these reservations?

A Silver Lining for Cree?
Several equipment makers have "gotten the word from their broadband-carrier customers that prices have to be shaved some 40%, or they needn't bother wasting their breath asking for new orders." Is this a positive for Cree?

My Nokia Phone Purchase
One Fool shares his experience of purchasing a new Nokia phone in Germany. What kind of hang-ups did he encounter?

What If Handspring Bought Out Palm?
Playing "What If?" can be a stimulating mental exercise for investors. What would be the challenges and the opportunities if one of the PDA giants acquired the other?

Celera's Quest for the "Killer App"
A company that can create a product or service that is an obvious advance over previous technology has tremendous potential for growth. tomheadrick looks at Celera's efforts to fulfill that hope.

Looking Beyond Berkshire Hathaway
Warren Buffett is perhaps the greatest asset manager working today. But who might be the Buffett of the next 20 years? Can there be such a person?

Oracle and the Law of Large Numbers
"I'm not sure there is a sustainable investment advantage in picking a $100 million company over its $100 billion rival. If this was a known certainty, shouldn't everybody be in small caps?"

Another Type of Credit Card Trouble
Even if you pay off your credit card balance every month, that card might be hurting you by making it too easy to spend money. The Living Below Your Means board copes with the challenge.

Folly in the Fifty States
Looking for a Fool near you? Talk to investors in your own area for fun, fellowship, and Folly!