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April 19, 2001

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The Genius of Greenspan
"My estimation of Alan Greenspan increases by the day. What a smart move to make at exactly the right time!"

What Makes Rambus Roll?
A lively discussion about Rambus' sustainable (and not-so-sustainable) advantages.

Calling Philip Morris: Is it Still Miller Time?
Fools are discussing the less-than-foamy performance of Miller, and brewing ideas on just what the company should do about it.

Does Microsoft Offer the Better Mousetrap?
Seems it's common knowledge that Linux offers better reliability and performance than Windows2000. But wait! "It's time for everyone to put this way of thinking to rest."

Intel's Cash Level
Intel has tons of cash, but some of it is disappearing. Drop in and take a look at the balance sheet.

The Amazon "Not-a-Contest" Contest
Got any ideas when (or if) Jeff Bezos might be departing If so, take a crack at this unofficial not-a-contest.

Some Polish Still Left on Apple
Apple beats lowered expectations, but what is the real message behind the earnings report?

More Peter Lynch Two-Minute Drills
Why my stock deserves my money... in two minutes or less.

AMD Beats Estimates
It was a good day for chips all around, but AMD Fools are carrying on the excitement after hours as the company beats estimates.

40-Something Leeches
"The Mrs. and I know that we aren't the only people on the planet who have to deal with Living-Above-Their-Means siblings leeching off elderly parents. Anybody else out there in the same situation?"