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April 20, 2001

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AMD's Earnings  
The good, the bad, and other topics of note from AMD's first-quarter conference call.

Is Apple Treading Water?
Apple Fools bob for nuggets from the company's second-quarter results. The conclusion? Titanium saved the day.
Microsoft Faces Growth Questions
How much more can this company really grow? Drop in and share your thoughts! 
Should You Feel At Home with DSL?

Privacy is a concern for cable modem users, but
 is DSL really safer for broadband access?
Macro Trends and Berkshire Hathaway
It's hard to fight macro trends... but what do they mean for Berkshire Hathaway?
Fool's Coke Findings: Flat or Fizzy?
Read the Rule Maker report on Coca-Cola, then give us your thoughts!
How Important Is the Performance Crown to Intel?
"Whichever CPU company grabs and holds the CPU performance crown will be the dominant player in the CPU industry." 
Boards of Directors & Voting Proxies
Do you ever pay attention when it comes time to vote for your companies? Maybe you will after reading this discussion!
A Checklist of Yays or Nays For Starting a Business
Thinking of starting your own business? Check out these tips from some self-employed Fools.   
Getting Rid of an Aboveground Pool
"I have a 2-year-old and want to get rid of the pool," a Fool writes. Can you share some advice on the Buying and Maintaining a Home Board?