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April 24, 2001

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Scam Alert on eBay
After uncovering a loophole in eBay's bidding system, Fools look for solutions.

Nokia's Earnings Release
Nokia's latest quarterly results were announced last week, and Fools are poring over the numbers.

Lucent, the Universe, and Everything
A New York Times article prompts a discussion about the state of the telecom industry. What does it all mean for Lucent shareholders?

"My Experience With Windows 2000"
A Linux user looks at Microsoft's flagship operating system. Are his criticisms fair?

AOL: Great Company, Bad Stock?
"I don't think there's any question that AOL Time Warner Inc. (the company) has great opportunities ahead of it. But how will AOL (the stock) perform? Here's my take...."

The Petty Cash Investor
"I don't have the finances to invest even the small amount of $2,000 today, but I can afford to invest $200 every month for the next two years. How do I go about it if I don't want to use a broker and pay hefty commissions?"

Obsessing Over Quarterly Reports
A beginner wonders how much time he should spend on his company's quarterly reports... and gets some helpful answers.

A Nephew's Credit Card Education
An $800 credit card bill becomes a great lesson in money management for one young Fool. Are there lessons here for you as well?

Using Your Mac to Make Movies
Do you edit video on your Mac? Would you like to? Apple enthusiasts share what they know!