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April 25, 2001

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IBM Goes Shopping
What's a billion, give or take? That's what Big Blue is spending to acquire Informix, and Fools are offering their thoughts on this latest purchase.

What Does Dell Know?
So far it's the only computer maker who has not guided earnings lower. Does Dell know something about the current environment that other boxmakers don't?

The Importance of Being Predictable
A Fool on the Berkshire Hathaway board takes issue with Buffett's "predictability of earnings" approach to investing.

Questions for Palm Investors
A new Fool asks guidance from the Palm board about whether a great graphic user interface can overcome a poor operating system.

Is eBay Editing Its Conference Calls?
A question from a critical analyst is mysteriously missing from eBay's conference call replay. Coincidence or foul play?

EMC: Better to Adjust Than to Guess
Here's another take on "adjusting expectations": "Think of it as a company demonstrating that it really understands its business and the environment/economy in which it operates."

Why I Still Hold Excite@Home
Even after being suckered into the "content and eyeballs" craze, one Fool still thinks Excite@Home has substance as the leader in broadband delivery.

Repairing Bad Credit
Having survived a bankruptcy, a woman has successfully rebuilt her credit and now thinks carrying a second credit card balance will make her look more responsible.

The Cost of Cool
When parents and children clash over how much to pay for the kids' stuff, a Fool suggests making the kids come up with the "cost-of-cool premium" themselves.