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April 26, 2001

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Mickey Mouse Makes the Mark
Fools review Disney's earnings report and ask, "Is the glass half-full or half-empty?"

Apple's iBook on Launching Pad
"It appears that the long-awaited refresh of the iBook is coming. But [it] emerges with some interesting questions and handicaps."

Big Blew?
IBM buys Informix and picks up 100,000 customers for its database business. But is this a true gain?

What Might Threaten AMD?
Not Intel, not Via. Would you believe... China?

Yahoo!, Yea or Nay?
With shares of the portal giant now dragging low, what is the potential cost of selling?

Does Low Pay Mean Low Stress?
Is it better to stick with a high-paying job you hate in order to accelerate the road to early retirement, or quit now and find a low-paying job that feels like "partial retirement"?

Book It, Berkshire!
Berkshire Hathaway Fools discuss important books for aspiring investors.

A Silver Lining for JDSU
Mired in a gloomy economic environment, JDS Uniphase Fools find some valuable nuggets in the earnings report.

Eye of the Gorilla
"Now that the economy has cooled, it appears that Intel may once again concentrate on controlling market share." Has AMD caught the eye of the Gorilla?

Best Movie Soundtracks
What's your all-time favorite? Join our discussion on the Great Movies board!