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April 27, 2001

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Mr. Buffett, Answer Me This
TMFCheeze cuts through the fluff with the questions he thinks should be asked at Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting.

Johnson & Johnson Goes Splitsville
J&J Fools are celebrating a stock split and a generous dividend increase. There's no Band-Aid needed with this news.

eBay Scams, Part II
eBay board members are still tracking questionable activities on the popular auction site. Got any solutions?

A Sun-ny Vacation
Sun employees are facing a mandatory vacation this summer. "There are a series of possible savings, depending upon the structuring of benefits at Sun..."

Reasons to Buy JDS Uniphase
The dot-com bubble may have burst, but the Internet will continue to grow -- and JDS Uniphase may be a major part of it.

Visual C#, .NET, and Microsoft
Microsoft Fools get into a technical discussion about programming languages. We've come a long way from FORTRAN on punch cards.

Notes From AMD's Annual Meeting
dcarper attended the annual meeting, and gives his report.

A Sad Day for Webvan and Atlanta
It was convenient having groceries delivered to the door, but those days will soon be over: Webvan has shut down its operations in Atlanta.

Tipping: Entitled or Deserved?
Waiters and waitresses often get paid below the minimum wage. They depend on your tips to make a living. So, should a tip be considered an entitlement or reward?

DSL or Cable?
"I have decided to upgrade my dial-up access to something of the high speed nature. I have heard good and bad things about both services. So, what's the word guys -- is one better than the other?"

A Sunny Way to Beat Energy Costs
Fools in the Building and Maintaining a Home board talk about solar panels.