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April 30, 2001

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The Case for AT&T and Excite@Home
Though many bemoan the relationship, one Fool thinks Excite@Home has benefited from Ma Bell's intervention.

What Will ExxonMobil Do With All That Cash?
ExxonMobil has more than $10 billion in cash, and Fools have ideas on what to do with it. Nice problem to have, eh?

What Is Intel Doing With Those Fabs?
"I'm now convinced that either Intel is over-building, or it's planning to use most of that capacity for something else, or it's planning for growth in processors that no one else is planning for."

Communism and AMD
Well, this thread has nothing to do with Communism, but a lot to do with observations on Advanced Micro Devices.

No Worries About Apple
"Apple turned in a great quarter, whether some acknowledge it or not, but what really has me jazzed is how well the company seems to have absorbed the lessons of the past and seems focused on the future."

Is Ballard Power Being Hugged?
Fools on the Ballard Power board see the acceptance of fuel cells by municipalities, but question whether the general population truly buys into the idea.

Riding Your Harley Into the Sunset
Harley-Davidson investors are revved up on this investment, and offer their ideas as to when is the right time to cash out and take profits.

Refinance That Student Loan
A Fool shares some advice about a little-known opportunity to consolidate those student loans at a highly favorable rate, if you act before Sept 30.

Help With This Stupid Computer!
Don't toss that PC out the window just yet. Fools don't have to go far to get the answers they need.