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May 1, 2001

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Berkshire's Annual Meeting
Still suffering from writer's cramp, Fool bvalue transfers his voluminous notes on the events in Omaha to the Berkshire Hathaway board.

Starbucks and the Split
Starbucks split its shares last week, but why? Investors look into the reasons.

With AMD, History Repeats Itself
"This is not the first time AMD has redrawn its processor road map." Will this latest delay affect its race against Intel?

Are there Flaws in Apple's OSX?
Apple enthusiasts are raving about the new OS X operating system, but a few of the details are raising some eyebrows.

Dear Dad: Problems @Home
An Excite@Home shareholder writes to his father, making note of a few troubling signs at the cable Internet provider.

Qualcomm, Wireless, 3G, and You
Are you confused about the protocols and technicalities of Qualcomm's wireless technology? Fools explain it all for you.

Coke, Pepsi, and the Environment
According to Greenpeace, Coke has made "serious efforts" at backing the Kyoto protocol, but Pepsi hasn't. Is Coke a good citizen, or is it responding to psuedo-science blackmail?

Wind River's Potential
Gorilla Gamers are always looking for an emerging giant. Might Wind River be the next big thing?

Trouble at
A former B&H employee discusses possible new financing for the company and an impending price increase.

Awakening From Credit Card Debt
"The worst part? All those stupid things I wasted money on that I really didn't need or want. So here I stand ready to take action and with a plan."