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May 2, 2001

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The Warren & Charlie Show in Three Acts
Omaha is where the action was last weekend. You won't want to miss TMF Selena's three-part report of the press conference that followed Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting.

Sayonara, Cisco
Has Cisco's stock outperformed its business? "Unquestionably the mechanism of share issuance has replaced debt," states a Fool who takes a bearish view of the company's practice of acquisition by dilution.

Scratchy Screens and Palms
Should PDA users graffiti away on bare screens, or use protection? See what our Palm pros have to say!

Intel Fools Discuss the Latest IBM/Cisco Deal
IBM will be providing chips for Cisco's new networking system. How will this affect Intel?

Thinking Different About Apple's History
Fools on the Apple board go over the charts to see how the stock fared with and without Steve Jobs.

Rambus v. IFX Trial
What's really going on in the courtroom? NukeJohn presents Part Two of his report on the legal maneuverings as Rambus lawyers "play chicken with the judge."

Sun Should Learn From Microsoft
Sun Microsystems should understand that OEM deals drive retail and small-business sales. This is the fuel that's driving 40% of Microsoft's revenues.

Cheering a Layoff Notice
Being forced into early retirement, or "fired," isn't nearly so frightening for a Fool who is prepared. "After nine years living below my means, I now have the skills to creatively live at my modest means."

The Power of "NO"
A Fool is nearing the end of a long journey to get out of $74,000 in credit card debt. "I was amazed at the power of two tools called 'NO' and 'LATER.'"