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May 3, 2001

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Has the Judge in the Rambus Case Been Influenced?
"Does anyone else here think that this is taking it too far? We are suggesting in a public forum that a U.S. judge is on the take!"

What's a Fair Price for CMGI?
It seems that sentiment about CMGI is now changing to the positive. Is it justified?

Loss and Living on Your Terms
A touching post about a friend's death is inspiring Fools to contact long-lost friends.

Going Once... Going Flat?
eBay's auction count seems to have stagnated recently. Is it cause for concern, or easily explained?

Is AMD Seeing a Paradigm Shift?
What was good for Intel used to be good for AMD, but Fools are sensing that the times they may be a-changin'. Is AMD marching to its own beat?

Macroeconomics From Astride a Harley
"It's official: The recession has been canceled," says HOGrider. Hop onto the Harley board to find out why!

Should Apple Buy Handspring?
Steve Jobs has yearned for PDAs before. Might he be thinking in that direction again?

Will Goodwill Doom Wall Street?
One Fool on the Cisco board poses the question and draws some interesting answers.

A Lot of Discussion
"How would we go about finding out where our property line is? What does a plot plan tell you?" Chime in on the Buying a Home board!