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May 4, 2001

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Microsoft Takes the Offensive
Microsoft has some tough words regarding Linux. Fools on the Microsoft board suggest that the company may be seeing Linux as a threat.

Amazon and the Cash Conversion Cycle
Fools go over why a negative cash conversion cycle is a good thing.

"Great" Academic Money Managers
These Fools discuss the defects of the Efficient Market Theory in a totally inefficient world.

Nico returns to the Excite@Home board
A former Fool staffer returns to the discussions.

Ballard Power and Autos
Fools discuss Ballard Power's relationship with the automobile industry.

How to Deal With Identity Theft
A Fool relates her experience with fraud and shares a step-by-step manual for protecting yourself.

Lessons on Cisco and Life
Fools on the Cisco board discuss the way to behave on the boards, and in life in general.

AMD: A Bargain or Overpriced?
Fools discuss AMD by comparing it to other chip companies. Is it a good buy at this price?

Comparing Apples to a... Notebook?
Fools talk about the comparison of an Apple Notebook to the classic wire-bound, loose-leaf notebook.

Using the Web for Small Business
Self-employed Fools describe how they use the Internet to promote their businesses.