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May 7, 2001

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No More
Excite@Home may consider shutting down Is this a positive or a negative development for the company?

An Apple for the Teacher? Probably Not
Apple was once the leader in the education market. Now, it has taken a backseat in the nation's schools.

Sun (Microsystems) Shines on New Manufacturer
The server giant has selected a new chip manufacturer. Fools are discussing whether this will make Sun shine brighter.

eBay to Sellers: It's Classified!
Driving traffic is the name of the game, and now sellers are able to opt for advertising in newspapers.

Is McCafe a Threat to Starbucks?
With Ronald competing in the coffee game, Fools question whether they'd be able to stand up to the ambiance, quality, and service of the java chain leader.

Academics, Investing, and Berkshire
A money manager presents some ideas on various investing theories and the virtues of buying pieces of businesses based on valuation. Berkshire fools discuss.

I Want GE to Light Up My Life
"I was chomping at the bit to buy GE, but we were in the middle of buying a house. Now that we have closed escrow, I'm ready to buy, but I've got questions."

Why Not a Conservative Approach?
"We've been hearing Buffett say that the markets will 'only' return 6 -7 % over the next decade. If that's the case shouldn't we be investing in five-year CDs or municipal bonds?"

Help With This Stupid Computer!
Does your PC need a doctor? Confused about upgrades? This is the board with the answers to make your computer run like buttah!