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May 9, 2001

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Time to Sell Nokia?
Some say yes, some say no. What do you say?

My Take on Selling JDSU
TMF Tribe doesn't disagree with the decision to sell JDS from the Rule Maker Portfolio, but he is critical of one of the reasons.

Should We Short Palm?
TMF Jeff and the Rule Breaker Portfolio are giving some thought to shorting Palm. See what the Palm board thinks about that!

Valuation Thoughts on Cisco
As shareholders were awaiting Cisco's earnings report, one Fool examined various after-tax cash flow margins to demonstrate that the stock may still be overvalued.

Cable Broadband Security
CVSUSN asks the Excite@Home board: "Who should be responsible for security breaches, the companies that provide the service or the people who own/operate the computers?"

Should Qualcomm try to save Globalstar?
One Fool questions Qualcomm's ability to get enough satellite subscribers to make its investment in Globalstar profitable. Other disagree.

AMD Feels Intel's Price Cuts Will Backfire
AMD Fools talk about their company's response to Intel's latest moves in the Processor Wars.

Apple Goes Retail
Apple is opening stores in malls... even while Gateway is closing theirs. What's the reasoning behind this move?

Aspects of Indexing
Considering that so few stocks are controlling most of the movement in the S&P 500, a Fool on the Berkshire board examines the potential pitfalls of index investing.

What's the Best Savings Rate?
Once you calculate your take-home pay per month, how much of it should be earmarked for savings?