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May 10, 2001

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Troubles at Dell
Amidst layoffs and PC price wars, Dell Fools take a critical look at the state of the company.

Looking for the Real Cisco
"I'm amazed and disheartened at how much negativity about Cisco is written by people who are not even inside the company."

Got a Cell Phone? Get a Coke!
Now there's a way to buy vending machine items... with your cell phone. Yak and snack!

New Media Sport: Lucent Bashing
After a Forbes magazine article, one Fool says, "My take is that a lot of the financial press is jumping on the Lucent-bashing bandwagon, and they're laying it on thick because they can."

Motorcycle Awareness and You
Did you know this is Motorcycle Awareness Month? It's aimed at non-motorcyclists, and the Harley-Davidson board will be happy to discuss it with you!

Are Rising Gas Prices Fuel for Ballard's Fire?
Higher gasoline prices "will only provide more economic pressure to develop an alternative fuel source." Good for Ballard, no?

Cree: MegaBright
Cree introduce a blue LED that's twice as bright. What kind of opportunities will this present?

Is Wal-Mart Anti-Union?
"I know that Wal-Mart takes a hard stance against unions, but I think they are entirely justified in doing so."

CEOs Raking in the Dough
Home Depot Chairman and CEO Robert Nardelli is well compensated, but is he worth it? Pull up a sawhorse and join the debate!

What's Wrong With Wacky Windows?
Maniacal Mac? Pathetic PC? Drop by and talk to the experts on the Help With This Stupid Computer! board.