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May 11, 2001

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The Educational Value of Lousy Companies
What can you learn from a company with $25 million in sales that pays its CEO $1.2 million a year? A Fool on the Berkshire Hathaway board offers some perspective.

Cisco Fools Discuss the Latest Class Action Suit
Just like you can predict the sun rising, you can predict a class action suit anytime a stock drops in price. Cisco Fools go over the merits (or lack thereof) in this lawsuit.

Microsoft Warns Against Linux
According to Microsoft, the "free" operating system may not be so cheap after all. Fools go over the arguments.

How Do You Search eBay?
Do you go straight to the search box, or just browse through categories? An eBay PowerSeller wants to know, and is waiting for you to take his poll.

I've Got a New PDA
Fools share their Palm stories and advice.

It's All in the Name for AMD
AMD Fools discuss the name of the company's latest processor. Is it a good enough name to take sales from Intel?

Could OSX Hurt Apple?
Fools discuss the newest operating system for the Other Computers.

Coke Ads Go Down Easy
Fools discuss the new "introspective, musing, and low-key" ad campaign from Big Red.

A Freestanding Deck
Fools in the Buying and Maintaining a Home board discuss the best way to get your yard all decked-out.

A New Military Wife
Military Fools offer words of encouragement to a spouse of a member of the Armed Forces. With the sacrifices they make, families of military members serve too.