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May 14, 2001

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eBay Tightens the Rules
Fools on the eBay board bid up their thoughts on the company's new rule to ban links to third-party sites and storefronts.

My Disney Investment Seems Goofy
This Fool's 1998 investment is worth exactly the same amount today. Is he alone? Nope. It's a small world, after all.

Will Ballard Power's Fuel Cells Really Work?
"If the auto makers thought this technology was so great, wouldn't they have snatched Ballard Power up some time ago?"

Berkshire Hathaway and the Efficient Market Theory
"While I was searching through my compilation of annual letters, I came across the chairman's comments on EMT from the Berkshire 1988 Annual Report. Quite relevant to recent discussions here, I think."

What Does AMD Have Up Their Sleeves?
Intel Fools try to separate the rumors from the facts regarding AMD's new chips. Should Intel be concerned?

Qualcomm Concerns
"I think there is too much cheerleading going on at this board." One Qualcomm investor says it's time to look at the company with eyes wide open and shares his concerns about the company.

Quality Revenue Projections?
Where can one find accurate two- to five-year revenue projections? Some Fools on the Gorilla Game board say, "Nowhere!"

Helping Mom With Debt
Mother's Day may be over, but it's never too late to help Mom find solutions to her debt problems.

Help With This Stupid Computer!
Does your PC need a doctor? Confused about upgrades? This is the board with the answers to make your computer run like buttah!