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May 15, 2001

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Berkshire's Drop in Book Value
Drops in the prices of some key Berkshire Hathaway holdings have left the company with a decline in book value. How significant is it?

Traffic Lights: Cree Inside?
Is it possible that traffic lights are using Cree's LED technology? Fools across the country are reporting.

Boeing in a Holding Pattern
"Since the MDC buyout of Boeing with Boeing's own money, things have gone to hell. Morale is low, attrition is high, older employees are discarded...."

Dollar General for the Long Run
Dollar General shares have been volatile in recent years, but one investor argues that the frothiness masks a long-term success story.

An AMD Reality Check
Some investors think AMD is the next big thing. But at least one contributor begs to differ.

Are Virtual Storefronts Coming to eBay?
Rumors abound that eBay will offer vendors space to sell goods directly to buyers. But what will be the terms and conditions?

Credit Card or Home Equity Loan?
If you owe money on credit cards, does it make sense to transfer the debt to a home equity loan?

Save Money on Gasoline!
With fuel costs soaring, Fools on the Living Below Your Means board are trading tips for saving money at the pump.

Is Charlotte Russe a Lynch-style Stock?
On the Peter Lynch Investing board, Fools are looking into Charlotte Russe (Nasdaq: CHIC). Will retail stocks be in fashion this season?