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May 16, 2001

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Apple Says "Shop Different"
As Apple guns for increased market share, Fools are applauding the opening of the company's first retail stores.

Postmortem on the Rambus Ruling
Read the transcripts of the Rambus conference call as recorded by a Fool, and find out in the company's own words where it's going from here.

Is EMC Too Expensive?
When a financial editor declares the storage maker's stock as too richly valued for current market conditions, the EMC board reacts in Foolish fashion.

eBay Average Sale Prices Slipping?
Should eBay investors be concerned about a recent survey showing that typical consumer collectibles are selling for 25% less this year, even while the number of items for sale has increased?

Retirement Planning
A 24-year-old's financial advisor urges him to place his money in a variable universal life policy. Fools sound off about using life insurance as an investment vehicle.

E-Books and Book Readers
The board is discussing the pros and cons of digital books and the company's recent acquisition of SparkNotes.

Making the Switch to Indexing
A new investor wants to exchange the underperforming funds in his 403(b) for an index fund, but questions the wisdom of locking in those losses by selling low.

Kids and Choices
A mom demonstrates that even a six-year-old is capable of making Foolish financial decisions.