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May 17, 2001

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The Rate Cut and Mortgages
The Fed cut short-term interest rates by half a percent Tuesday. What effect will this have on home mortgage loans?

How to Win "Win" Converts
The "core" of the argument: If Apple wants serious growth, stop preaching to the choir and go after the Windows crowd.

Disney and Demographics
As the world's demographics evolve, is the entertainment behemoth doing enough to keep up with the changes?

Why I'm Buying Rambus
One Fool lays out detailed reasons for his Rambus purchase. A thoughtful bear chimes in. Great discussion!

Is Dell Going to Break Its Engagement to Intel?
Seems nobody is sure... the rumor is there, but many are skeptical.

Does Nokia Prefer Linux?
The wireless giant is turning to open source for one of its initiatives. What are the implications?

Trouble With Celera's Fruit Fly Data?
Could be, as some scientists claim that Celera's publication of the fruit fly genome was "a bit rushed."

Microsoft Snatches Up Its Own
Stock, that is... to the tune of more than 65 million shares. Is that an unusually large amount?

MP3s on Your PDA?
TMF2Aruba doesn't think it's worth springing for the MP3 module for his Handspring. Do you agree?