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May 18, 2001

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Folgers vs. Starbucks
Folgers is developing a chilled coffee drink. Does this mean trouble for Starbucks?

What Will It Take to Retire?
A Fool on the Investing Beginners board asks what's reasonable to expect for a 20-year time frame... and receives some very helpful answers.

Bush Boosts Ballard
The president injects some energy into the search for alternative sources of power.

Is EMC Going to Take the Lead?
While this stock has taken a hit, Fools on the EMC board feel it still has some life in it.

Is Bank of America Clueless?
With low scores for customer satisfaction, this company seems to lack an interest in service.

Slotting Fees for Coca-Cola
Retailers often are paid fees to provide valuable shelf space. Fools discuss how Coca-Cola uses this method and how it accounts for it in its financial statements.

Would Cisco Have Done Better With Higher Insider Holdings?
Fools debate whether higher "insider holdings" make a difference with this or any company.

The Worst Credit Card Debt Ever?
What's the WORST credit card debt you've ever seen? Share your horror stories on the Credit Card board.

A Most Difficult Decision
A Military Fool shares his decision to retire from the Air Force after 20 years service.