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May 21, 2001

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AMD Gets Some Raves
Some developers are feeling chipper about AMD's Athlon, and Fools are offering their opinions.

Why Should Dell Fear and Respect Apple?
Fool Standabove says Dell should watch out: Apple is "constantly raising the bar and redefining the rules."

Could AOL Say, "Welcome! You've Got a New OS"?
AOL Fools discuss the rumors of AOL entering the OS market, and question whether the company could compete against the industry giants.

Fizzed-Up Over Pepsi
One Fool shares his reasons as to why PepsiCo looks like a refreshing investment.

Wal-Mart and Unions
The debate is on over the unionizing of Wal-Mart and whether this will be a benefit or detriment to employees.

Is Krispy Kreme a Rule Breaker?
Mmmm... donuts! Is this the place for your dough too?

Comparing Rambus to Qualcomm
One Fool considers Rambus a Gorilla, and the board monkeys around with his arguments.

Homing In on an "As Is" House
Fools on the Buying and Maintaining a Home board discuss the potential problems of a house that is being sold "as is."

Making the Commitment to Be Debt-free
Suggestions and advice help, but to become free of debt you have to become committed to the goal.