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May 22, 2001

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Apple Users "Shop Different"
Apple Computer opened two new retail stores over the weekend, and Fools are reporting what they see.

Cree's Rapid Rise
Seems some Cree investors are a little uneasy about the recent doubling of the stock. Should they be?

Pre-Paid Legal Services Membership Retention
Hanging on to customers is a key to success in business -- but is Pre-Paid Legal Services having trouble encouraging members to renew?

"Shrek" Out-Disneys Disney
The movie "Shrek" had a huge opening weekend. Would this spoof of Disney animation have fared better if it were released under the Disney banner?

Caution, Berkshire Investors: Slow Growth Ahead
Warren Buffett has repeatedly warned that as his company gets bigger, investors should expect diminished returns. What should investors expect on the road ahead?

Biotechs With Money to Burn
A recent Rule Breaker Portfolio report has investors looking at biotech companies with large cash reserves. Is having a lot of money too much of a good thing?

Fools and Regulation FD
Top Fool Tom Gardner delivered testimony before Congress on the SEC's new full disclosure regulation. Read what he said right here!

Fools Across America
Looking for a Fool near you? Try Folly in the Fifty States!