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May 23, 2001

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Welcome! You've Got a Rate Increase!
As America Online hikes the rates for unlimited access, some users question whether it's time to move on to another Internet service provider.

Questioning eBay's Management
One Fool says he's a bit nervous about eBay's management since the last conference call. Does he have anything to worry about?

Ford Treads on Firestone
It's a relationship forged in the day of Henry Ford himself, but the tread's worn thin on this one.

The Video Game Game
Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Nokia, Sega -- is there a gorilla in the midst?

The InfoSpace Annual Meeting
Fool tktrimbath treats the InfoSpace board to a firsthand account of Monday's presentations at the annual shareholders meeting.

Beyond Nokia's P/E
A Fortune magazine article sparks a discussion about Nokia's debt-to-equity ratio and how it compares to its top rivals in the mobile phone industry.

Optical Networks for Dummies
A useful summary of the optical fiber business may help some Fools improve their understanding of JDS Uniphase.

Is Scientific-Atlanta a Rule Maker or Rule Breaker?
Does this company have what it takes to be a viable replacement for Amgen in the Rule Breaker Portfolio, or does it belong in the Rule Maker Portfolio?

Pay Off That Mortgage Early?
Many people can't wait to get rid of that mortgage. But some experts think paying it off early is a big mistake.

The $12,000 Harpsichord
WonderPup relates the story of a Fool who truly understood the "L" in LBYM.